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With so man precious moments happening before our eyes, it is so important to own a mini video camera. Photographs were the preferred method of storing memories,however video is here to stay. As more technological advances are made, there are bigger and better cameras in the marketplace available for purchase. It is ultimately your decision to decide which video hardware will best suit your needs.

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Today's camera comes equipped with a viewfinder, which is much handier for the user than looking thru a little round hole, or eyepiece, to see what they are recording. The downside to recording and using the viewfinder, however, is that it sometimes can be a bigger drain on your battery time than just using the eyepiece. Using a viewfinder makes it much easier to film hard to reach shots, while allowing you better control over what you really are filming.

Before buying, you should understand digital and optical zoom. With optical zoom, you tend to get a nice sharp, well focused image. Digital zoom does not offer a sharp picture; it is basically a magnifying effect. You will probably be much better satisfied with a video camera that has both digital and optical zoom. Focus more on the optical zoom if you want high quality videos.

Many of today's mini video cameras offer a feature called image stabilization. This feature helps prevent the video from being shaky and jumping all around the screen when you watch it, therefore producing a higher quality video. Image stabilization helps to filter out the normal shaking of the camera.

Most cameras can now pose as still picture cameras as well, thus eliminating the need to take two cameras to events. You can get live and still shots in one piece of equipment.

One neat feature of some cameras is the ability to record to DVD, which recently, appears to be the most preferred type of media.

If you are a newbie when it comes to shooting film, you may also opt for a videos that will basically do everything for you but hold the camera. They come now equipped with auto focus and light adjustments, so all you have to do is press a button and shoot.

There is such a wide range of video cameras currently available; it can become confusing when trying to decide which one will best suit your needs. Doing your homework beforehand, can help save you considerable time, and possibly help ensure you truly do make a wise investment in a mini video camera.

Mini video camera